Corporate Affiliations

Hugo L. Acu, Partner of Civil Land Engineers, California / Sunland & Associates, Arizona

Mr. Acu has been involved in the civil engineering and land survey since 1983. 30 years experience in both fields, has allowed him to fully understand all aspects necessary to successfully complete large and small projects. Mr. Acu has directed projects under registered civil engineers as designer and project manager. Under his guidance and direction he has successfully directed other key personnel such as designers', draftspersons and project coordinators to complete and manage projects requiring knowledge and understanding of civil engineering and land surveying. His ongoing post education and research has allowed him to stay on top of the latest technological advances in both fields civil engineering and land survey. He has performed numerous field surveys and office analysis under the direction of registered land surveyors, in the state of California and Arizona. His experience includes; topographic surveys, boundary surveys, coordination and preparation of Tract and Parcel maps, legal descriptions and plats, construction management, construction lay-out, building control, aerial mapping control, (GPS) surveys. His experience in the civil engineering includes; preparation of grading and drainage plans, highway and street design, underground utilities, water plans, sewer plans, waste water treatment systems, hydrology of large and small water sheds, hydraulic analysis of close and open hydrologic structures and project coordination with government agencies, sub consultants and direct interaction with public and project owners. All his related work experience in the civil and land surveying fields were directly supervised by a registered civil engineer and land surveyor.

Mr. Acu attended the California State University at Long Beach with a major study of engineering, he also attended Cost Line Community College in New Port Beach California with emphasis in land surveying; after graduation he also attended Long Beach College of Business with major study in business administration, and Cerritos College with a major study on computer aided drafting (CAD). Mr. Acu continues to educate himself through ongoing seminars or classes for both civil and land survey fields.

M. Adolfo Espino, P.E. 55526 CA, 48607 AZ - Principal Director of Civil Land Engineers - California/ Sunland & Associates - Arizona

Mr. Espino has been involved in the civil engineering field since 1974. He has more than 20 years of professional experience in civil, geotechnical and railroad projects. Mr. Espino has been involved in numerous large and small projects. His experience has allowed him to direct key personnel such as project managers, Cad operators, designers, land surveyors and field coordinators. Under his direction numerous Projects have been completed and constructed. His experience includes preparation of highway and street plans, grading and drainage plans, water plans, sewer plans, hydrology of water sheds, hydraulic analysis of close and open channel structures, and direct interaction with government agencies and public.

Mr. Espino attended the National University of Nicaragua, with major course in civil engineering, after graduation in 1974; Mr. Espino has always strive for more knowledge in his field and has prepared him to obtain his professional registration as a Professional Engineer in two states, California and Arizona. Mr. Espino continues to maintain himself up to date with the latest technological advances in his field.

Professional Membership

  • National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) active member.

Mr. James Todd Stoval, P.L.S. Arizona  and California C-Feds Certify.

Mr. Stoval is responsible and in charge of all land surveying operations, such as topographic surveys, GPS surveys, ALTA maps, Tract Maps, Parcel Maps, Construction Staking, and Records of Surveys. Mr. Stoval has over 30 years experience in the field; under his direction other field personnel conduct and prepare survey maps. He is also certifying to perform surveys for the federal goverment under his C-Feds certification.