Key Personnel:

Mr. M. Adolfo Espino, P.E. California and Arizona

Principal Director of Sunland and Associates in Arizona he is responsible charge of all civil engineering performed by both offices.  Mr. Espino has over 30 years experience in the civil engineering field.  He is a partner for Sunland and Associates Arizona.  See Mr. Espino under Partners of this company.


Mr. Hugo Acu, Associate partner of Sunland and Associates, Arizona

Mr. Acu is the office manager in overseen all the operations pertaining to marketing and accounting operations conducted in the Arizona office.   Mr. Acu has over 30 years experience in the civil and land surveying fields he is a partner of Mr. Espino.  See Mr. Acu under Partners of this company.  


Mr. James Todd Stoval, P.L.S. Arizona and California C-Feds certify

Mr. Stoval is the responsible charge of all land surveying operation, such as topographic surveys, GPS surveys, ALTA maps, Tract Maps, Parcel Maps, Construction Staking, and Records of Surveys.  Mr. Stoval has over 30 years experience in the field; under his direction other field personnel conduct and prepare survey maps.  He is also certified to perform surveys for the federal government under his C-Feds certification.


Mr. Raymond W. Stadler, P.E., P.L.S. Arizona 

Mr. Stadler has been involved in the civil and land surveying fields for over 30 years.  He was involved in the design of several Arizona Highway projects including two 5 mile section of the Superstition Freeway through Tempe and Mesa Arizona.  He was the on-site civil engineer manager for the construction of the San Tan Power Generating Plant in Gilbert, Arizona.  In 1975, Mr. Stadler, was the project engineer for the design, bidding and construction of special test facilities at the General Motors Desert Proving Grounds in Mesa, Arizona.  He directly participated in the design of the facilities, coordinated survey requirements both for data collection and construction staking, and scheduled required soil investigations and material testing during construction.  The Proving Grounds project included 15-20 miles of test tracks and parking and site work relative to building area facility expansion.  Under his direction Mr. Stadler has completed numerous civil and land surveying projects in the state of Arizona.  Mr. Stadler graduated from Arizona State University (ASU) with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering.



Mr. Cesar F. Noboa, E.I.T.

Mr. Noboa has 30 years of practical engineering experience, including 27 years in railroad and rail transit design and construction.  He has 13 years of Class I railroad experience working for the Union Pacific Railroad.  He was responsible for engineering design and preparation of construction and procurement plans and specifications for the installation of industrial railroad track work, main line maintenance, and he is familiar with current AREMA and Railroad Standards.  Mr. Noboa has worked, as Chief Engineer for the Ecuadorian National Railroad.  He was responsible for the coordination, design, field inspection and approval for complete construction and procurement plans and specifications for the installation and maintenance of the National Railroad.  Most recently he was involved with several rail related projects in Southern California including Metrolink, Alameda Corridor East, and City of Industry California.  Mr. Noboa graduated from the University of Los Angeles with a B.S., Civil engineering and M.S., Civil Engineering.


Professional Memberships

v  Member, American Society of Civil Engineers, American Railway Engineering and Maintenance


Professional Affiliations

v  Engineer in Training, California N0. C39840.  Professional Engineer, Ecuador N0. 01-P-2111



Bruce Bosshard, P.E. California and Arizona

Mr. Bosshard has over 20 years of engineering experience.  His vast knowledge in the engineering field range from developing, implementing and managed wide-ranging new technologies, including environmental engineering, nuclear power plants, electronic measuring devices, computer systems, miniaturization of electronics, robotics, inertial measuring and metallurgical advances.


Environmental Engineering; project manager for numerous soil and ground water remediation projects; using groundwater modeling, soil vapor extraction, air-sparring, pneumatic fracturing, soil heating, in situ fixation and bioremediation.  

Wastewater Design; since January of 1990, Mr. Bosshard has been directly involved in treating complex wastewater streams.  During the last seven years, he has focused specifically on Site Investigation (SI), septic and alternatives system design and operation.  Mr. Bosshard has successfully permitted over 50 extended aeration system with both pressurized effluent delivery and gravity effluent disposal.  His main focus is in Mohave County Arizona. 

Related experience in engineering; Mr. Bosshard was a United States Naval Officer from 1978 to 1990.  He was the Commanding Officer NR Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach 1995-1997.  He was coordinator emergency control (ECC) for Radiological Releases, Naval Submarine Base Point Loma.  He was the commanding officer deep ocean research submarine.  He also held the office of department head on a Nuclear Submarine.  Mr. Bosshard is a License US Navy Nuclear Engineer. 

Mr. Bosshard is a License Professional Civil Engineer in Arizona, California and Washington.  He graduated from Marquette University in Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics.  He possesses a graduate - level certificate from the Navy Nuclear Power School with emphasis in nuclear physics, nuclear chemistry, heat transfer, electrical engineering, materials and mathematics.  Mr. Bosshard taught a curriculum in Forced Air Remediation System for the National Groundwater Association (NGWA), and soil and groundwater remediation systems for UC San Diego Extension program.

Professional Affiliations

v  American Society of Mechanical Engineers

v  Society of American Military Engineers

v  American Society of Civil Engineers



Richard M. Lee, R.C.E. S.E.  California

Mr. Lee has over 30 years in the field of structural engineering.  He is a registered structural engineer, in California.  Presently he is responsible for structural layout analysis and design for several projects currently under process throughout southern California.  His experience includes direct supervision of other design engineers, field surveying personnel and draftspersons in all aspects of multi-story steel, reinforced concrete buildings and bridge analysis.  Mr. Lee has prepared cost-estimates, preparation of specifications, reviewing and checking of engineering drawings.  Under his R.C.E license he has prepared numerous land surveys in the state of California.  He was involved in commercial, industrial and military construction projects with Ralph M. Parsons Company, of Pasadena, California.


Mr. Lee graduated from North Dakota State University in civil engineering.  His post graduate studies were completed at the University of Southern California (USC) and the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA).  His honor societies are Tau Beta Pi and Phi Kappa Phi.