About Sundland & Associates

Sunland & Associates is an innovative civil engineering and land surveying firm. Our company has been servicing developers, contractors and the real estate industry with all aspects of Civil Engineering and Land Surveying services. Due to the rapid growth of the western Arizona region, the need for professional consultants is in demand. The member team for this firm is composed of experienced civil engineers, designers and land surveyors registered in the states of Arizona and California. Our engineers and surveyors have successfully completed numerous projects throughout Arizona and California. Sunland & Associates has over 70 years of combined experience with staff that has performed almost every aspect of civil engineering design and construction related services. Sunland staff has experience in the design of roadways, railways, commercial, residential and industrial developments, hydraulic models, water and wastewater systems, flood studies, Low Impact Development (LID),WQMP,SUSMP reports, planning and other facets of civil engineering and surveying.